Franklin & Green

27 min. First appearance after a long absence and just as big as hit as ever. All her songs are new and as good as she has ever offered here. Mr. Green won individual honors with his piano selections. Won plenty of applause and took several bows after an encore number.

Bert Earle & Co.

15 min. in 1. This musical act has a very good program and went over big.

Lyle & Harris

“Two East Side Kids” — Two youthful people — singing, talking, dancing and play cornet, violin and saxophone. Carry a drop representing an East Side Street. 10 min.; olio; went fair.

Lillian Fitzgerald

20 min. in 1 1/2. Miss Fitzgerald assisted by a pianist, out over one of the biggest hits here in some time.

Yvette & Saranoff

18 min. This act was one of the big applause hits of the show. They have a highly colored and very elaborately costumed musical novelty which will fill an important spot on any bill. Their violin numbers pleased the music lovers and they help it along by bits of comedy well handled. They closed to a very big hand.

Dougherty & Scalia

“That Versatile Pair. Man and woman; singing, talking, dancing and play banjo and violin; several changes in costume; 16 min. in one; went good.

Three Chums

15 min. A trio working in evening clothes and setting representing interior of a club. Boys sing single and trio numbers, one playing the piano and violin. Finish with an instrumental medley to a good hand.

International Four

This act is composed of four men; male quartette; solo and ensemble work; evening dress; they sing popular medleys, also, play the piano, banjo, ukulele, and Hawaiian guitar. 17 min. palace. This act went over big.

Sam Searn

14 min. in 1. Rube character somewhat similar in make up to the late “Rub” Dickenson. Tells some stories also plays a few violin solos. Went fair in this spot.