Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wilde

13 min. Shadowgraphists. A really wonderful exhibition of pictures thrown on a screen with hands. The man secures some wonderful silhouette likenesses of well known celebrities and some comedy pictures which kept the audience applauding and highly amused. The best act of its kind we have seen.


“A Popular Tune.” A very amusing film to which our orchestra wrote special music to help make it go.


“Max in the Alps.” A mighty interesting comedy film that would make a hit anywhere.

“The Reckless Eve”

(33 mins.) A big flash with a good lot of comedy, nicely staged and got over in very good shape. Music is rather light but one or two numbers stand out strong and are put over through the help of very elaborate costuming. Did very well, finishing to a good hand.


The story of a young college graduate sent to a Texas ranch. A good comedy picture.


“A Honeymoon from Canada to Hong Kong.” One of the best comedy pictures we have had in a long time.


“A Woman’s Vanity.” A very good comedy film.


“Miscalculation.” The best comedy film we have played since “The Rarebit Fiend.”