Shepard Rifle Club

7 minutes f.s. Special drop. 28 girls from the Shepard Norwell store in the city, dressed in khaki, in a military and picturesque drill. Strictly a local feature, but the girls did first-rate Monday night and made satisfactory closing act. Should draw a little money.

Our Boys in Blue

A patriotic military act that is well known to all mangers. Made a terrific hit and closed the show in splendid shape. Own set in 4. Time 11 min.

“Our Boys in Blue”

Same act they gave us several seasons ago only they have cut out the singing by quartette. Well drilled and some very scenic effects. Full stage.

“Our Boys in Blue”

12 min. F.S. This is simply a crackerjack closing feature. Their work is swift and precise and it gets the audience right from the start, and holds them up to the grand patriotic finish. For a holiday bill, this could not be excelled as a closer.

Our Boys in Blue

F.S. Special back drop with great cloud effects. Time 14. 18 men. This is a legitimate military offering which gives the audience a rare treat. The men go through the regulation drill, and manual of arms perfectly and with a snap that brings out applause all the time. Then there comes a little melodramatic touch in which a fake battleship is sunk with excellent effect. The gattling [sic] gun drill is a thriller. The best closing act we have had all season.

Lask’y Stunning Grenadiers

F.S. Three special sets. A military, singing and drill feature. This act has gone back fearfully since its last appearance here. The girls act like amateurs. The very good solos of Louise Tozior and the comedy-singing of Maude Corbett are the only redeeming features of the production. The scenery for the special sets shows wear and tear and evidences of passing through several rain storms, apparent to the last seat in the gallery.

“Our Boys in Blue”

On at 4:34, 15 min, full stage.  The best military act I have ever seen.  Made a pronounced hit this afternoon.  As we have a long show this week I have instructed them to cut out the preliminary stage pictures and singing and start with all light up and the men in action.

Joe Hart’s Military Girls

This is a revised edition of the famous Firecrackers.  Sorry it was revised.  I really think it would have gone stronger if presented the same as before.  The opening number “Posey Land” was very tame; the second, “The Home of the Frogs” received a wee bit of applause for the electric effects.  “The Home of the Owl” just about got by and the last scene, “The Military Girls” was rather novel and pleased.  The act is far from being a feature.  The entire act lacks stage management.  The girls make a fairly good appearance, but have no voices.  This act is certainly a detriment to the show.  18 minutes Full stage.

‘Our Boys in Blue’

Excellent closing act. Contains many interesting features. Work with the Gatling gun, sinking if the gun-boat, special electric effects & etc., made the jury sit up. The greatest act of its kind we ever had. Continual applause throughout. A great novelty. Sixteen minutes, full stage.

Our Boys in Blue

16 mins, F.S., 2 shows. As a closing feature for any house, this act is simply great. The drilling is remarkably skillful and swift of action, but the special novelties, (including the work with Gatling gun, the sinking of a gun boat, the signal lights, and all the other military specialties) added thrilling interest to the act and won tremendous applause. There is no doubt that this act will be talked about and bring a great many people to the theatre who enjoy something that thrilling, spectacular and patriotic. Went with a hurrah and sent people out happy.