Maxon and Morris

Maxon and Morris opened the show with marionettes. Their songs are over from the very beginning, while the comedy could stand a little change. The female member gave the audience a gentle surprise which turned into a boisterous laugh when she appeared in person. Madam weighs – but that would be telling.

Lillie Jewell’s Manikins

17 Mins.; Full Stage. This manikin act, often confused with another act, and reviewed erroneously as such, is brand new in every particular, from the stage settings to the routine, and from subject matter to manipulation. The miniature theatre whereon the puppets dance, prance and cavort is handsomely set with a glittering background and has rich plush curtains and proscenium decorations. The act opens with persons entering the stage boxes to witness the performance of the manikins. When the curtain goes up a boy announcer comes on, and after displaying a card, runs off kicking the card, a good laugh. Then follows a neat little travesty on the modern society dance, admirably executed. “Mutt and Jeff,” next, alternate as tall and short men with ludicrous effect. Texas Nell, who performs after the circus manner on a horse, and puts him through his paces with all the aplomb of the real thing, is another novel feature. The act closes with the “Baseball Rag,” in which players representing famous teams come out for some very funny antics on the diamond. In this last bit the manikins are made to sing and talk, and this adds to the effectiveness. It is one of the neatest acts of its kind on the boards and is manipulated in a manner to please the most exacting. Closing the show at the Empress, it held the audience to the close, and was especially pleasing to the children.

William Ebs

William Ebs, carrying his live dummy out in the suitcase, had the wise Palace bunch fooled, but when the dummy came to life and ran off the stage on his own power, they gave him a powerful hand, demanding an extra song by the midget.  

Mme Jewell’s Toyland

9 min. f.s., This is the conventional Mannikin offering well staged with few novelties. Held the audience pretty well.

Jewell’s Manikins

15 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Scenery). This act has been almost entirely made over as to scenery and general routine. The stage upon the stage has handsome new plush curtains, and the background is brilliantly decorated with spangles. The act opens with puppets entering the boxes for the entertainment. Later there is a lively modern society dance, in which a tiny man and woman burlesque dances in a ludicrous style. Later follow “Mut and Jeff,” “Texas Nell,” a riding act, and after the “Baseball Rag,” a neat and entirely new feature in the manikin line. The act has abundant humor and is worked with precision. It is a capital offering for a house where children attend, and it also makes a strong appeal to the older ones.a

Jewell’s Manikins

Well-known marinette [sic] act which held closest attention, proving to be of unusual interest. Strong finish. Special in four. 17 minutes.

Jewwell’s Manikins

17 mi, full stage, special set. Unquestionably one of the best acts of its kind, but in my opinion it would fit better on the big ten-act bills. There it would be a delightful bit of novelty; Here it hardly measures up to the standard of some of our past achievements in the matter of features.

Schichtl’s Royal Marionettes

This is certainly the last word in marionette performance. Doubt if we will ever be able to follow this act with any other of the kind. It is marvelous. Full stage.

Schichtl’s Manikins

16 min. F.S. This is the most extraordinary marionette act ever seen here. The figures act with extraordinary life-like motions, and one surprise follows another right up to the strong finish. There was a little applause throughout the act, but the rapt attention with which it was received showed that it was thoroughly enjoyed, and the applause at the finish proved it. One of the prettiest children’s act that could be booked.

Schicetl’s Manikins

16 minutes f.s. Unquestionably the best manikin act we have ever played, and the finish this afternoon was very, very big.