Waldron and Rio

One man performs magic while the other as the assistant exposes the tricks. At the finish there are several that the legerdemain boy does which are not shown up by the helper. Good act for the pop houses.


40 min. F.S. This man is a great scientist and certainly a great showman. His act is clean and brilliant and the comedy and of it keeps the audience in roars of laughter. All the fine things that have been said about Pauline and his act have been fully justified today. He suits his act to his house, and there was nothing whatsoever in his work that could call for criticism. He certainly will be town talk before the week is out if his success today with an immense audience in any criterion.

Henry Clive

Assisted by Miss Sturgis. This is his new travesty on magic and mystery and is very funny. In one.

Great Henri French

Juggling, magic and character impersonations, some good comedy introduced, made good from the start, 18 minutes full stage. Went big.


22 min in one. Same tricks and line of talk that he gave here before. Interested the audience very well and his comedy got considerable laughter. His “Lemon” trick was especially applauded. Works hard to please and succeeds. Closed well.

Zisker & Saunders

Man and woman, Magician and singer, some good tricks and some good comedy, neatly dressed and went very good, 17 minutes C.D.F.

Henry Clive & Hal Sturgis Walker

Well known talking magician who, with the assistance of his good looking partner, presented his usual line of burlesque magic. Notwithstanding the difficulty of his position, he proved very acceptable and made a distinctly favorable impression. Palace drop in two. 11 minutes.


Well known hypnotist who does a corking good act. The comedy was received with shrieks of laughter, the applause was cyclonic, and the more serious episodes were very attentively received. The act was good the last time four years ago, but he has made remarkable strides forward, and he really stands alone for a number of this or similar nature. Very strong finish. C.D.F. in 3, 41 minutes.


Comedy magician. As big a hit as usual. 15 Min. in One.


Imitations of Hermann-Thurston-Keller magic act. 3 assistants. Clever all good tricks went big.