Willie Hale & Bro

Very clever act, juggling and xylophone playing. 15 minutes, open full stage, close in one.

Louis Guertin

This young fellow furnishes a novelty, advertising himself “The World’s Champion High and All Round Jumper”. Exceptionally good for this position.

W.C. Fields

Juggler: – 18 min. F.S. 2 shows. The work is not only expert, but its comedy is good and keeps the audience in good humor. Each one of his feats got laughter and applause. He missed many of his stunts and was compelled to try them over, often six or eight times. This detracted from interest in a general way. However, there were surprises enough to carry the act to the finish, which was O.K. Has a great many friends here and will draw. Will make him close the show hereafter.

Larry LeRoy

Trick jumper. This act we were compelled to cancel. Mr. LeRoy failed in every trick which he attempted and while as a rule we do not cancel acts even when they are bad, we were compelled to do so in this case as Mr. LeRoy did nothing for us but break eggs all over the stage.