The De Bars

10 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Set). Two people, a man and a woman, in a very fast act start things with experiments in water fountains, first shown in the country by the old Ten Ichi Troupe, a Jap organization. The two get a lot out of this style of work and immediately show a few so-called Hindu mysteries which, while not new, prove very interesting. This act should be kept busy.

Amoros and Jeanette

Amoros and Jeanette pried ‘em loose from some laughs with the girl’s clowning and her partner’s juggling and accordion playing. The act showed a tendency to drag about half way and seems to be running a mite too long, which may have been responsible for early promises from the house not being fulfilled at the finish.

The Three Kitaro Brothers

The Three Kitaro Brothers, opening, however more than pleased. The pedal juggling of two of the Japanese won good laughs. One of the trio does some nifty tumbling, and his head climb up a flight of steps sent them away to a big hand.


8 Mins.; Full Stage. This juggler, fresh from foreign shores, offers a novel idea in his line, elaborately worked out, and finished in its entirety. He has his stage set with two tables and a back counter. His act has laughs from the opening with not a dull minute. One of the big laughs is when he knocks against one of the table which collapses and falls on him, covering him with napery, dishes and cutlery. He works in a nonchalant style, thus living up to his billing of “The Unconcerned Juggler.” The act is of such calibre that it would go well down in a big time bill. Distinct hit at the Palace.

Nolan and Nolan

[New act] Juggling, 8 mins; one. Special. W.C. Fields must have been the inspiration for this juggling act as the man, who supplies the action in the turn has certainly copped some of Field’s mannerisms. “Nolan” announces the girl assistant, who does just about as much that implies. Going through a regular routine with intermediate stabs at comedy, the man put over an average opening bit adding a few new twists to some of the tricks, but failed to live up to the advance dope, as programmed, “The Jesting Swede.”  

Uyeda Japs

[New act] Juggling, 10 mins; three. There two men are not newcomers to vaudeville, although their names appear unfamiliar. Evidently an old-time turn assuming a different name. The routine of work is old, having been done by many years ago. Opening in Oriental costumes with purple tights, they go through pedal barrel juggling, followed by one swinging two tin cups full of water attached to each end of a piece of rope and then back again with the barrel, a la pitcher and catcher, warming up before a baseball game. Nothing new, but should qualify at the smaller houses in the opening or closing spot.

Cowboy Williams and Miss Daisy

Cowboy Williams and Miss Daisy gave the show a big shove forward with Mr. Williams’ cannon ball catching and bayonet juggling. For a closing trick Williams catches ten cannon balls in eight seconds – actual timing – on his neck, the balls being dropped from the flies at a height of about eight feet. Similar cannon ball stunts have been done before Paul Spadoni, first some 20 years ago, and others, but none have handled the trick in a more daring or showmanlike way than Williams.   The team would do well, however, to drop the talk now used or get some real material. Daisy acts as assistant, lending atmosphere to the stage picture through a piquant personality and first-rate singing voice.


Rasso, a big full stage juggling and spectacle act of the type not seen much since before the war – most of the stars of that type having been interned – opened powerfully with plenty of Continental hokum and difficult head balancing of props. Rasso is very blonde and Central European in dialect, appearance and method. He is assisted by a buxom women assistant. One feat was balancing a table covered with lamps and things, set on a perpendicular board, all resting on Rasso’s dome, which brought the hand.

The Cromwells

The Cromwells in third position performed quickly and neatly as usual and stood up well there. The juggler looked particularly neat in a white satin skirt and velvet jacket and so far as the house went he was a “she.”  


Comedy Juggler — Makes up straight. Juggles small abject, also canon balls; inmates with small drum and rubber balls. 13 min. full stage; went good.