Octavio entering after off stage singing in a deep voice, had the audience guessing during the double voice singing routine conveying successfully the impression of a male doing a female impersonation until revealing her sex by loosening her hair at the finish. This was a hit.

Myrtle Mason

Myrtle Mason and company slammed put a clean hit. Miss Mason has almost a man’s voice and handles it perfectly for comedy, keeps most of the audience guessing about her sex until it is all over. The pianist in the act contributes to its merit also. He plays like a fiend and helps Miss Mason get laughs.


Impersonations of great men, past and present. Everything he introduced won a good hand and some of his impersonations proved to be very pleasing to the audience. He won many good rounds of applause and finished strong. 12 minutes. C.D.F. in 3.

Grace Leonard & Co.

Male character impersonator and a pianist. Fancy in 2. 17 minutes. Always a favorite here.

Bertie Fowler

Mimic and storyteller: she had a pretty hard place this afternoon, following Ross and Fenton and did not fairly get her gait until she struck the imitation of the drunken man, in which she made a great hit. 15 minutes, in one.

Vesta Tilley

This clever artist did not go as well as expected, with the audience Monday afternoon, but in evening she went big and had to take five bows, doing five songs. 22 mins, full stage.

Sidney Grant

2 shows, 24 min. in 1. Story-teller and mimic who wins out on his personality, as I do not know of anybody else in the varieties that could get by with the light material he uses. In this city, which is his home, he is particularly strong. Had several recalls.

Sheppard and Ott

Sheppard and Ott are a man and girl who sing and dance, with the man besides playing the piano professing to give an imitation of Bert Williams.

King and Gee

The act was ten minutes long. One of the girls does a male impersonation. She is dressed as a boy. They finish with an “Indian” number.