Frank and Ethel Carmen

Frank and Ethel Carmen, wooden hoop manipulators, did justice to themselves, fully establishing themselves as a small-time opening turn, One that can work regardless of the late comers. The costume worn buy the male member could be changed for it at present resembles a Baltimore waiter.  

Gene Mueller Trio

8 min. F.S. A good hoop-rolling act, the three boys making a good appearance and using showy material. Some of their work is very rapid and gets a fine hand. O.K. as an opener.

Raymond Wilbert

Hoop roller, 10 minutes, full stage. Here is a performer very skillful in his specialty, in fact, quite the cleverest we have seen since Everhart himself started vaudeville with his brilliant hoop manipulation. Wilbert is very successful here, and he pleased all audiences.

The Mullers

Three men in hoop rolling and juggling act. The work is well done and the offering proved O.K. for opener, tho [sic] not remarkable. Garden in five, 8 minutes.

Zara Carmen Trio

F.S. special black plush cyclorama. 2 men, 1 woman. Time 8. Hoop rolling and baton juggling. A pleasing act.

Kara-Carmen Trio

2 women, 1 man in baton swinging and hoop rolling. This is a very pretty act, being very tastefully dressed and equipped with heavy black draperies. The paraphernalia is all in good taste and the work of the performers is well done. Was very well liked all the way through, scoring a moderately strong finish. 9 minutes, special in 4.

The Kratons

Hoop-rollers. The act has been decidedly improved and the novelty of its presentation makes it now unquestionably the best hoop-rolling act in the business. 12 Min. F.S.

The Kratons

12 minutes f.s. This is a first-rate hoop rolling act and was particularly suitable for the holiday audience. To-day it got a good hand.

Four Nelsons

8 min. Fast handling of hoops furnished a very good closing act that brought frequent bits of applause and closed to a fine hand.

The Four Konerz Bros.

Hoop rollers, diablo spinners and a very good act for this position following Miss Lloyd. Full stage.