The Creole Fashion Plate

Norman, “The Creole Fashion Plate,” a holdover the second holdover of the bill, by the way [Kaliz also having been at the house last week], had things all his own way from the beginning to the end. He held the stage for 25 minutes, and in addition to a regular encore number did two of his former successes.  

Weston’s Models

The closing act, Weston’s Models, which relies on beauty more than speed was carried away on the momentum of the entire show, and swept over to a bang. This posing act, composed of two women and a man, is one of the most artistic and sensational acts of its sort in vaudeville today, relying on no host of accessories, the only real assistance being the marvelous lighting effects, with most the poses physical instead of art poses. Their “Marathon,” Gladiator” and “Forward” received heavy hands, and they held in a solid house.  

Olive Briscoe and Al Rough

15 min. in 1. Miss Briscoe has a couple of pretty gowns and her first number went over very good, but the act drops in the middle then comes back to a fairly good hand for the finish.

Karyl Norman

“The Creole Fashion Plate,” now also billed with his own name, Karyl Norman, was a holdover and he ran Leonard a close second. This new headliner ranks as the finest female impersonator developed in a decade. Norman has class, clothes and the ability to deliver songs. The latter feature aids the impersonation perhaps more than his dressing and there were plenty present who were fooled despite the repeat date. His natural voice is in itself unusually pleasant; his falsetto well modulated and never blatant. Besides, in carrying forth the illusion, he has most of the little feminine tricks – and the women are quick to note that. Norman’s Spanish song is the best dressed number, It is a toss up which melody he sings best – “Daisy Days” or the pick lullaby “Bye-Lo,” the final encore and taken from last season’s routine. He is a sure favorite wherever he will appear and his readlines to respond is going to win him a flock of friends.

The Creole Fashion Plate

The Creole Fashion Plate was the second holdover offering of the program and also proved a solid hit displaying a different assortment of gowns and a new repertoire of numbers this week.

Annual Spring Fashion Show

33 minutes fs. Special sets. The most beautiful and costly gowns ever displayed upon this stage. Despite the fact that the show ran nearly one-half hour late, the audience remained in to see the wonderful clothes.

“Fall Fashion Show”

48 min. While there was no great demonstration of applause, there is no question but what the wonderful display of gorgeous gowns held the audience entranced. The story of how “Cinderella” became the best dressed woman in the world add considerably more interest to the fashion show than the one presented last Spring. This dancing of Emelie Lea scored an individual hit. As a novelty, the Fashion Show fills every requirement and will no doubt cause a great deal of talk.

M. Alphonse Berg.

In “Creations”. Special in four, 16 minutes. This man designs the latest Parisian costumes on living models with lighting like rapadity without cutting or sewing. He closed the show and did not have a person walk out on him.

The Beaumont Sisters & Co

This act brings out some of the old fashions of variety days which the audience seemed to appreciate. 14 minutes full stage close in one.

‘The Spring Fashion Show’

29 min. The first of its kind ever offered in vaudeville is a marvelous display of women’s wearing apparel displayed by twenty selected models headed by Peggy Hopkins, the noted Washington society woman. This is an act that will make people talk, especially the women, and it kept the big house buzzing with talk during the entire exhibition on Monday. Aside from its display feature, it is an excellent advertising medium on any bill.