Phantastic Phantoms

Headed by Hilarion and Rosalie Ceballas Assisted by Samuel Mint.  16 min. F.S. This is a novel act, although rather monotonous in tone on account of having only the black drop and white light.  There are nine people in the cast.  Six pretty girls who dance quite well, and the acrobatic dancers who get good applause for their work, which is well deserved.  The audience seemed pleased and gave it a good hand.  The skeleton dance at the finish is one of the weirdest effects imaginable.

The Three Madcaps

10 mins, FS. Novelty acrobatic dancers. Rather disappointing. Girls are not expert, their gowns were very dowdy, and altogether their work was clumsy and entirely below our standard. The laughs they did get were more in the nature of sneers than genuine pleasure. One of them particularly showed amateurishness, scarcely pardonable. This act has been constantly shoved up the bill and if it is not improved, it will fall off the top end.

Bailey & Madison

YHR 2. 11 minutes. Two men in a crazy knock-about acrobatic dancing and talking comedy, in which they do a little of everything. They went with a scream. It is a great closing act, in which place they will have the honor to hold tonight.

Morton, Temple & Morton

Two men and a young woman who have an act that is made up of singing, dancing and acrobatic work, none of which is very well done but it is all right in the three a day section or to open the show at a small salary. 14 min. full stage, can close in 1, 3 shows.

Frank C. Young & Kathleen Devoie

Boy and girl both working straight. This is a dancing act. The girl is quite pretty and dresses neatly. They entertain with acrobatic, eccentric, and straight dancing. A very good act for an early spot on the bill. Open in two close in one 11 minutes.

Eddie Barto and Mamie Laferty

3 shows, 10 min. in 1. Very clever acrobatic and toe dancers, with just enough vocalism to carry it along. From the 3-a-day standpoint, a very good act, one that could easily make good in a better spot on the bill.

Jolly & Velias

GHR. 2 shows, 13 mins. in full stage. Man and woman. This is the first appearance of this French couple, who do a peculiar acrobatic dancing pantomime specialty. The man makes several changes while the woman wears magnificent gowns, and changes at every performance. It is novel in its character, although they give the best part of the time on the stage to pantomime, which the public will not take. The dancing, what there is of it, is good  and in his impersonation of the waiter, he accomplishes some good work. The act was not well received this afternoon, but tonight it went better, as it appeals to the better class.

Jack Theo Trio

2 shows, 13 min. full stage. This is a combination dancing, musical and equilibristic act, possessing all the finish and artistic merit for which European acts are noted. Scored a pronounced hit all through.

Rado & Bertman

The man in this act does some very good contortions work and some novelties in the way of acrobatic dancing. The sketch amounts to little and the woman is excess baggage. The clever work of the man, however, makes it an exceptionally good three a day act. 15 minutes in 3.

Les Auberts

Acrobatic dancers. These acts never go very well in this house, even the better ones. The act is all right, no fault could be found with it except that our audiences don’t care for this style of work. 9 min. full stage, 2 shows.