Pender & Armstrong

Two men who do a couple of very sensational acrobatic tricks, a little eccentric dancing and two or three funny stunts by smashing hats. The meritorious part of their act occupies a possible three minutes. The rest of it is dreary waste. 10 minutes in one.

Bob Pander & Co.

13 min in full stage. Novelty acrobatic dancing and stilt walking. Seemed to please and closed to a fair hand.

Six Berlin Madcaps

Acrobatic dancing, 8 minutes full stage. Good act, disclosing some very novel and unique work in acrobatic dancing. I would not however, consider them strong enough for a feature, as in consideration of the excellence of the two remaining acts, it must need be a particularly good act that could hope to over-top them as a feature, and this act does not do, inasmuch as each of the other two acts met with more approval than did the feature.

Mayme Remington & Picks

This act came between McKenzie & Shannon and Richard Golden. Miss Remington’s act was handicapped by the absence of her most importance pickanininy [sic], who she said had run away from her on Sunday night. The dancing and some of the acrobatic work was done and the act can still be considered all right to play the act can still be considered all right to play with a difference in salary.

Ned Weyburn’s Phantastic Phantoms

F.S. Plain black background. Time 14. Seven girls, two men. An eccentric conception, with characters dressed entirely in white, with sudden disappearance, much like magic. Girls all good looking and shapely. The strong features are the acrobatics of Rosalia and Hilarion Coballes and the ‘skeleton’ dance toward the close which is highly effective.


Soubrette & gymnast. She opens with a dance that is fairly well done then goes to trapeze and performs a number of stunts that win considerable applause for her. She makes a nice appearance and got away very well. She uses a pretty setting which adds materially to her work. No fault can be found, especially for an opener. 10 minutes special set.

Ruby Raymond & Co.

Miss Raymond makes an attractive appearance, is assisted by two young men who do wooden shoe dancing very well. She introduces her acrobatic dance during the specialty, the whole making a very pleasing offering. I am obliged to give the, this position on the bill because Miss Raymond changed the character of the act and as it stands at present it would conflict with Ryan & White who were already booked. The Ruby Raymond act is worthy of a much better place on the bill. 12 min. in one, 3 shows.

Ned Wayburn’s ‘Phantastic Phantoms’

Acrobatic and dancing, with ‘black art’ methods, comprising seven girls and two men. The ground tumbling of the men is excellent, and it might be called the feature of the act. This act does not add any new laurels to Ned Wayburn. It might make an excellent act for one of the burlesque wheels. 16 min, FS.

Rich Duo

Put in to take the place of Miles and Rickards who disappointed.  Man and woman, usual singing, dancing, and talking and a little acrobatic work by the man.  A most ordinary act and by no means good enough for this spot on the bill.  15 min. in 1, 3 shows.