Stagpole & Spier

  9 min. in 1. Man and woman in novelty acrobatic dancing and a little talk. Went good.

Tilyou & Ward

9 min. in 1. Two men in “Rube” character doing an acrobatic dancing act. Went very good in this spot.

Guiran & Newell

9 min. in 1 and f.s., spl. These boys open in one doing a little talk and a couple of good dancers, then go to full stage and go through an excellent routine on the bars. Closed good.

Gordon & Gordon

Gordon & Gordon, with a hybrid dance and acrobatic routine, chalked up a neat hit from the start. The boys make natty appearance, and following their opening song and dance go into their acrobatic and contortion work to encouraging.

The Robbins Family

The Robbins Family closed. This act consists of father, mother and four children from three to twelve. The father and one of the youngsters open in one with some bewhiskered gags, then going into full. A double dance and a number by the other boy and sister, and then into their tumbling act, the father sitting on the back of a chair coaching the kids while the mother appears in pierrette [sic] outfit just for encouragement. The three year old child also appeared in a pierot [sic] costume and ran up and down stage playing while the act was on.  

Mme. Albertina Rasch

The running order of the bill was pretty much switched after the matinee, when Mme. Albertina Rasch (New Acts) was moved from No. 2 to closing the show. This move was undoubtedly a wise one, for that Colonial gallery never would have let a classical solo dancer get by, and undoubtedly the Rasch act would have been fair game for them. There is one thing and that is that the switching worked to the switching worked to the advantage of the Mizzan Troupe, for the Arab aggregation won frequent applause with pyramid formations and tumbling.

Jack & Cora Williams

6 min. The woman’s teeth tricks form the feature of this act. the man assists in some crude dancing which does not help the act very much. It was only a fair opener.

Hickey Bros

14 min. in 2 1/2 . This well known team of acrobatic dancers really gave our show a start. This comedy of the act went over in good style and they closed to a good hand.

Ed and Birdie Conrad

Ed and Birdie Conrad in songs of Ed’s own composition, with costume changes and singing and dancing, were mildly pleasing until their Chinese finish, when they ended with Ed’s sensational acrobatic stepping.

Clarence Nordstrom

Clarence Nordstrom in “Love Letters” was the headliner and also the class hit. This juvenile carried his act with a zip and a bang, and never showed better form. “Love Letters” is the former Charlie King act. Kate Pullman was the hit among the women of the turn with her acrobatic dancing – though Ona Muson gave her a run for honors just on looks.