Washington Trio

“Those Harmony and Singing Entertainers” — Two men and woman in comedy, singing and talking act. 13 min. in one. Went good.

Spencer & Williams

18 min. Man and woman in comedy and song. The fellow does a lot of nut stuff and the girl is a good helper. The act got plenty of laughs and finished to a good hand.

Jim & Marian Harkins

17 min. Local act and repeated same big laughing act as on former visits. Very little change except in songs. Harkins’ comedy kept them laughing and the act closed strong.

Avon Comedy Four

27 min. The usual riot of laughter. Their routine is about the same as before but our audience fairly howled at the comedy and liberally applauded the singing finish.

Jimmy Lucas & Co.

19 min. This act substituted for Regal & Bender who failed to arrive in time for the first show. Lucas got a lot of laughs with his comedy and the finish with the old soldier singing from the box took the act off to big applause.

Spencer & Williams

15 min. in 1. Man and woman in a comedy singing and talking act. Went fairly well.

Bert Fitzgibbon

18 min. The usual string of nonsensical chatter is used by this comedian. Although a lot of it is old, it brought good results and a young girl who sings from one of the boxes was a big help. She sang two numbers, each of which earned a round of applause and the act closed to a big hand.

Stella Mayhew

18 min. Her single offering is one of the best acts she has ever used in vaudeville. All but one of her numbers are new and there is plenty of comedy in her work from start to finish. She also adds just a little patriotic touch to her offering, referring to the absence of her former partner, Billie Taylor, and this won her an extra round of applause. She has some very good songs, gets them over with her usual magnetic personality and registered a solid hit.

Crawford & Broderick

13 min. A very good comedy and singing act by a man and woman. The latter handles the comedy, getting splendid results and her partner is an excellent feeder. This is their second visit here and they repeated the good impression made the first time, closing to a very good hand.

Joe Browning

15 min. This young fellow got a lot of laughs with a novel monologue. He is made up in ministerial garb and in addition to his talk has a couple of good comedy songs which he does very well. His act went fine.