Henriette De Serris and Co.

Henriette De Serris and Co. closed with a series of posed painting and sculptures. “The Angelus,” “Confidences,” “In the Woods” as replicas of paintings and several sculptured studies with the posers in white were really beautiful. It is a highly artistic turn and held the greater part of the house to the finish. Attendance capacity.  

Bert Levy

Bert Levy was on as a special attraction, he “reporting” the election returns with his projection device. Levy was announced as a special card. It was his first appearance in vaudeville for several reasons, he having been with the Hippodrome for two years. Recently he came back from abroad, plus a monocle, which he sported on Broadway. Levy worked in the orchestra pit between acts both for the regular Tuesday night show and the extra midnight performance.  

Wright & Dietrich

Well known artists who appear with a lot of new material and made their usual success. 20 minutes in one.

Ed Hill

Ed Hill, before a special drop, continued to keep the watchers interested with seven minutes of sketching, mainly demonstrating how a little touch of a brush here and there changes the appearance of a woman’s make-up.  

Krayona and Co.

Krayona and Co., billed as “The Naval Artist,” opened with crayon drawings, using electrical effects at the finish of each drawing. The finish, a picture of a battleship in action, drew a good hand on the effects but the explosions were too loud; a large portion of the audience couldn’t applaud if they wanted to, they were using their hands to hold their ears.  


Novelty cartoonist; something different in the way of acts of that kind. It served first rate to open the show; in fact it got a great deal more applause than some of the more important acts. 8 Min. in One.

Harry Hirsch

Cartoonist. This young man presents a sort of novelty in a way of cutting the paper from the easel and various other little effects, assisted by a colored boy. His cartoon work is fairly good although unappreciated, rather talkative and somewhat amateurish, intermingled with alleged comedy. Big chance for improvement. 15 minutes in two.

Brengk’s Statue Horse

7 min. Swing to the failure of their horse and baggage trunk to arrive from Washington, this act worked under a handicap at the first show. They purchased material and bronze paint and did a series of poses rather than disappoint the audience. Their work is pretty and artistic and in the closing position and a liberal hand.

Grace LaRue

Decidedly the best artist in her line that we ever played. At Monday night’s performance Miss LaRue held the stage a full half hour without tiring the audience. The 16 year old boy at the piano is also a decided asset in the act. In one.

Henriette de Serris & Co.

Art reproductions, 17 min. Full stage, spec set. For beauty approaching gorgeousness as to scenic investiture and all that makes for true artistry the act is the most stupendous and brilliant affair ever offered in local showdom [sic]. But their reception was not quite so enthusiastic as I had hoped for. There was some applause of course, but nothing equal to what the act deserves. It was but a repetition of past history as regards all posing acts, as reference to my report on the recent visitation of Larodoe’s Models In Marble will readily disclose. Most of our patrons know little or nothing of art, ancient, medieval, or modern, and they refuse to learn.