Ford and “Truly.”

10 Mins.; One. The Society for Preservation of Cruelty to Animals can not get after Ford for working his dog harder than he does himself. He is a worker and he has a clever dog that shows good training. The man sings and dances, of which some of the latter could be dropped. The act opens with a “souse” number, the dog following his master. Ford then sings and dances. Some of the harder steps he attempts miss. The dog goes through the usual routine of canine cleverness. The big trick is the throwing it in the air and having the dog land on two feet in the man’s hand. That would be a good finish, but an encore is too quickly given. One of the usual fox terrier breed of dogs is used. The turn should please. It was a success in the second spot at the Hudson, Tuesday matinee, the audience going exceedingly heavy on the applause thing.

“The Culprit”

Presented by May Tully’s Players, one woman and three men. Scene bachelor’s apartments and as curtain rises the four are seated about a table closing a whist game. When accounts are figured up the host has won a large sum, one guest and his wife break even, and the remaining guest loses all the host has won. The big loser can’t pay. He hasn’t the money. The other player, his friend, agrees to pay his losings [sic]. While he and the host leave for another room to draw up a note the loser and the wife depart for their clothes. During their absence the host returns and throws the room in darkness by turning off the electric light. When the guests return he lights the room and dramatically announces he has been robbed of a large sum from a small safe that stood at one side of the room. Each of the guest [sic] excepting the wife submits to a search. The crime is finally fastened on the young husband and he finally confesses he entered the darkened room and robbed the safe. At this point the big loser takes a hand in the matter and shows up at the host as a blackmailer and a card cheat. He announces he is a detective employed by the wife without her husband’s knowledge to trap the host who has been collecting blackmail from her husband for years by means of information which the husband fearer might cause his wife to leave him if she ever learned. The scheme is exposed, the husband absolved of all blame and as the curtain goes down the host is handcuffed to the detective. There are many interesting situations and it holds the audience from the beginning. The act went good. C.D.F. 22 min.

The Norins

A diving quartet. Dive into a glass tank about eight feet deep is dove into. The Norins wear black strip tights. The women are shapely and good to look upon.

James Brockman and Ernest Ball

One sits at the piano and furnishes accompaniment, while the other does character songs—Italian, Hebrew, German and others, remaining in his perfectly arranged dress suit meanwhile and indicating his characters by the addition of red handkerchief for the Italian and flat derby hat for Hebrew.