Fred Niblo

All in one. Went very big; splendid for the ladies here. A clean cut, original, bright, fast running monologuist with a personality that universally pleases the audience in almost its entirety.

Midgley & Carlisle

Full stage. Good standard laughing act that went good up to the finish; a little quiet at finish, owing to the singing not being strong enough to make a thoroughly good ending for the comedy.

Brando & Wiley

All in one. Went very good and big at finish. Colored act with plenty of action that made very good for number two on bill. Comedy and singing ordinary; dancing very good.

Potter & Hartwel

Full stage. Good act, made good; went very good for opening act. Several meritorious tricks; neatly dressed and they work with much action.

Mr. and Mrs. Perkins Fisher

The quiet, quaint, rural comedy of this act afforded a continual laugh for the patrons here throughout the entire act, and the finish in an applause-getter, making the act stand in its proper place at the close of the show, where it goes exceptionally well and proves itself a good clever offering for our patrons.

Sunny South

Full stage. A big scenic planation act; ten colored folks, half young men and half young ladies; all work well together in three quite clever numbers, opening with a little story, continues in some clever quartette singing and winding up with some good dancing. The act is set off very prettily with exceptionally appropriate and artistic scenery in keeping and in character with this offering. ‘The Sunny South’ is good act, away from the ordinary vaudeville offering and goes good here.

Kennedy and Rooney

Full stage. Encore in one five minutes. The act opens with some little dialogue that is rather bright, catchy and to the point, and winds up with some clever [sic], as well as comedy business at the piano, and some very good dancing. The act goes good here. Kennedy has a rather unique way of working in which his eccentricities seem to catch on with the audience splendidly.