Tom Barry & Co.

Comedy sketch, entitled “Nick Carter.” Second appearance here of this act and it went very well.

Mae Francis

A clever little woman and a very good value for the money we are paying her. Sang five songs at the afternoon performance and got away with them.

Russell Brothers

This is a mighty good aerial act and a corking good number with which to open a show. After seeing the bill this afternoon we discovered that is was absolutely necessary to move Houdini a little further up on the program and we put the Russells down to closing, where they went extremely well.

Bradna & Derrick

Bareback riding act. Full stage. Beautifully dressed and carry three handsome horses. While the act did not receive any great amount of applause, nevertheless, I think it made an impression.

Bailey, Hall & Burnett

Trio of rathskeller singers. Received more applause than any act on the bill. Made a capable closing number for us first half of the bill.

McCormack & Wallace

Ventriloquial act, opens in “two” and closes in “one.” was very well received.

Lester & Kellett

Singing and talking act in “one.” This pair went exceptionally well this afternoon and started the show going in good shape.

Wilson Brothers

This is a local act and a very good one. These boys perform on the flying rings and some of their tricks are decidedly sensational. A good act to open almost any bill.

Chas. J. Ross & Mabel Fenton

A travesty, full stage, entitled “Fedora’s Defence.” The lines of this act are very, very clever and it is well acted and while it is not the proper kind of an act to close a show, nevertheless it did exceptionally well in this position.

Grace Hazard

Introducing her well-known costume novelty, “Five Feet of Comic Opera.” Miss Hazard, who by the way, was given her first showing of this act in this theatre some years ago, has, in my estimation, gone back a trifle. While she possesses the same engaging personality which always characterized her work I do not think her voice is quite capable now of handling the operatic music which each individual character demands. Notwithstanding this drawback the act pleased this afternoon and was well received at the finish.