Harry Bolaski

Although billed to appear, Harry Bolaski, so-called “master mind” in the local liquor scandal, who was found guilty of violating the prohibition laws, cancelled temporarily on account of the court’s finding.

Chody-Dot and Midge

Chody-Dot and Midge, two women and a man, were a knockout in third position, having good comedy songs and piano accompaniment. The girls wore pretty gowns.

Rubina and Rosa

Rubina and Rosa were another girl team with violin and accordion and went on fourth, finishing to good applause after some interpolated singing and comedy attempts that got little.  

Austin and Delaney

Austin and Delaney, providing practically all the show’s comedy, appeared next to closing for a well deserved hit with a routine of talk and songs, comedy bits and exceptionally clever dancing.  

Virginia Lea Corbin

Virginia Lea Corbin headlines with a neat arrangement for a vaudeville appearance. The classy child displays some singing and dancing ability, but scores with fine pantomime in the skit and wears keen gowns.  

Charles Morati and Grace Harris

Charles Morati and Grace Harris waste their efforts trying for laughs on old gags. She makes a stunning appearance and he is a good tenor. Their singing carries them over.  

Jimmy Clabby

10 Mins.; Full Stage; At Pantages Jimmy Clabby was assisted by three men. Two were trainers, the third, Larney Lichtenstein, Clabby’s manager. He does the announcing. Clabby demonstrated the principal parts of his gym training routine, which includes three rounds with an assistant. With the exception of Lichtenstein, who wears a Tuxedo, the rest wear white trousers, shoes and shirts with good effect. Lots of pep and snap to Clabby’s act, which make this kind of a turn more interesting.

Gaylord and Herron

Gaylord and Herron, a couple of girls in blackface, handed out good comedy for laughs in olio, going to full stage for a dressing-room bit, removing the black in view of the audience and finishing a hit.

The Wintergarden Four

The Wintergarden Four also won a hit with excellent harmony singing in familiar quartet selection.  

Clemens-Belling and Co.

Clemens-Belling and Co. provided excellent entertainment in closing position with an unusually well-trained donkey, some dogs and acrobatics by a couple of men assisting a trainer. It’s a dandy novelty offering.