Daly’s Dixie Serenaders

Six members. The other three people, a man and two women, just sit around and try to look like they belong until they all sing.

Blake’s Circus

One of the largest animal acts of its sort. Practically without setting and aparatus. Troupe of forty animals. A trick pony is a feature. It lies down in refusal to do to the doctor so a monkey is called. A dog also rides a bucking pony. The act closes with a donkey that audience memeber can try to ride for prizes. Blake claims to be the only one who has ever ridden the donkey.

Neff and Miller

A blackface pair who focus on singing and dancing. The smaller man’s makeup is good and he does an eccentric dance after the manner of Fred Stone. The act ends with burlesque boxing.

Laura Bennett and Company

Plainly written around Miss Bennett’s ability as a blackface comedian. Arthur E. Sprague, a grasping landlord queers the sketch.