“The Jolly Girls”

There is a “slap stick” all through the affair, even the choristers, being slapped by Bonelli around their hips with an ordinary slap stick. It is the lowest kind of low comedy.

The Mascottes

Only redeeming feature is the girls. Cora Van Buren is a “couchee couchee” dancer who wriggles during the songs. Girls form a V in the finale

Lavine and Page

Page should cut the song and do more contortions. Lavine should extend the slack wire performance.

Whallen and Martell

Try to pretend that their Kentucky Belles have no ollio because it is fashionable to have a two act burlesque this season. Seem to be ashamed of the chorus. The chorus is well trained and well behaved, looks good and can wear small tights.

Brothers Melvin

mostly hand to hand work, similar style to the Brothers Bard. Lack sureness and confidence. Need to think up a better style of costume. Their best trick is a double throw to hands.

Ella Gilbert, Lillie Crawford, Jack Reid, Frank Carroll

“a girl and her lover hire a tramp to personate a woman who has answered a matrimonial advertisement and wants to marry the girl’s father.” The storyline “paves the way for the nastiest sort of scene.” Jack reid comes close to some good acting but Frank Carroll is less funny and not original.