Faulkner and Ward

Faulkner and Ward, a two-man comedy talking act, held the next-to-closing spot. Ward was seen around here last season in a single as the “Hebrew Dough-Boy.” These boys are well paired. Faulkner doing straight to Ward’s comedy. Their talk is all centered on automobiles and safety first, otherwise “A Lesson in Traffic.” Their talk is wise-cracking and delivered with a punch. They blocked all traffic and had to signal for the show to proceed.  

Paul Hall

Then came Paul Hall, formerly Master Paul, with a violin and pleasant personality. For an opener he used part of “Poet and Peasant,” then into a ballad. An imitation of several song-birds and a medley of songs of yesteryear followed, with “Old Black Joe” with a girl singing off stage to complete this turn.  

Gypsy Meredith and Co.

Gypsy Meredith and Co. followed, assisted by a man. A special drop is used, showing a running track. From the moment this team made its appearance it was one continuous round of laughter. Miss Meredith as the school kiddie and the man, a track runner, exchanged some bright chatter before going into their strong hand to hand balancing. Their talk is fresh and witty and their strong arm work very entertaining. As the act stands at present, this pair can held the number two position in any bill.