Little Lord Roberts

Little Lord Roberts, with the assistance of a man in Santa Claus garb and a special setting, sang five songs, most of these being parodies of popular numbers, with a short dance following each of these and a change for every song. He copped the applause honors, but not on his merit as of old.  

Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels, a comedy skit with two men and a girl, Samuels doing Wop character, opens in full with a set of the inside of a flower store, later going to “ons” for a few minutes to talk, and then returning to full stage, having several heartthrobs throughout the playlet, makes four very pretty changes in costume. They were heavily bombarded with applause.  

Nora Allen and Company

Nora Allen and Company, her company a short, chubby man at the piano, not even getting a chance to show himself up, just pleased. She has a voice worth listening to, but sings four selection not of her style, and could do much better with numbers that are of her {bra?}; however, she closed singing “The Love Nest,” taking her off successfully.  

Rice and Elmer

Rice and Elmer, both in comedy make-up, monkeyed around on triple bars and a trampoline, sometimes getting a laugh in their routine, but depending altogether on an exceptional comedy finish, each man getting into the other man’s arms to do a semi tumble, each man taking his turn to be on his legs, while the other man’s feet were up in the air.  

Vee and Telly

Vee and Telly, a man and woman, assisted by a dog, did some excellent hand-to-hand balancing and tumbling. This act should have closed the show, Arnold and Sobol found it hard to hold the next to closing spot.  

Harvey Devora Trio

Harvey Devora Trip, another black and tan act, with two men and a lady, one of the men doing wench, got big laugh out of their hoak all through the act, but walked off to hardly anything.  

Lubin and Lewis

Lubin and Lewis, two men doing black and tan, knocked ‘em for a goal. They put over their comedy talk like showmen, Lubin doing a hard shoe dance, stopping proceeding then and there. They finish with a comedy song and went off the applause hit of the bill.  

Swift and Daley

Swift and Daley play some novelty musical instruments, with some bright comedy talk between, Swift, a good showman, does comedy and gets all he can out of it, while Miss Daley, a clever musician, plays her instruments exceedingly well, but he act is badly arranged, and with a better routine could hold a later spot in the pop houses.  

Barlow, Banks and Gay

Barlow, Banks and Gay, more like an act for deuce spot and too weak for next-to-closing, had tough sledding. It is two men and a woman, harmony singing and piano act, the men appearing in Palm Beach costumes, the woman in evening clothes, some unappreciated melodies, walking off to nothing.

Mystic Hanson Trio

Mystic Hanson Trio two sweet looking baby dolls and a man, conjurers, followed. The girls sing and dance and do some magic stuff, the man talking while he performs his manipulations and illusions, most of the stunts bedecked with whiskers, and finished with the flag trick, displaying several large American flags, taking them off to good noise.