5 Pirscoffs

A good fast juggling act that closed the show fine.

Louis Simm, Kathryn Osterman & Company of 10

In the musical farce “A Persian Garden”. 40 Min. Full Stage—own set. To my mind this is by long odds the greatest big acts that I have ever seen in vaudeville. Headed by two great comedy stars and a thoroughly good cast—(10 speaking parts—no chorus) it strikes a comedy pace that keeps the audience in a continuous roar, which is relieved in spots by some beautiful and catchy music. The scene is elaborate and costumes rich. They gave a performance without a hitch and just as smooth as if it had run for an entire season. Here is an act worth making the trip to Baltimore to see.

Brent Hayes

15 Min. in 1—A splendid banjoist that could have a more important spot.

The Grazers

10 Min. Full Stage—A little novelty musical and canding [sic] act that opens the show nicely.

“The Hold-Up”

24 Min. Full Stage. The novelty of this sketch seemed to appeal to the audience, and it closed the show alright.

Six Abdallahs

8 Min. Full Stage. A splendid acrobatic act that scored heavily.