Frazer and Bunce

Frazer and Bunce closed, scoring better results than any of the preceding turns. The nut stuff of Bunce caused a howl, while his partner sailed away with equal honors in song delivery, unruffled by the antics of the former.  

Doyle and Webb

Doyle and Webb (colored) did well for the third post, finishing to big results with an old-fashioned exit of their high stepping variety. Their dancing got big returns and Miss Webb made everything out of an opportunity to shout her coon songs.  

Gangler’s Animals

Gangler’s animal turn opening made much of the opportunity by getting some high results with the trained horse. The dogs seemed to respond to their master’s whip with a good deal of comedy antics and the turn closed with the agile creatures climbing the pole and loosening the curtain on which gold letters emblazoned their hope of pleasing, getting them a big hand, and they bowed in acknowledgment to three fast curtains.  

G. 8. GORDON and CO.

“Off with the Old Love” Weird is a mild term for this affair. The Lincoln Square audience is not made up of discriminating theatregoers, but they laughed at the “drama” and declined to smile at the comedy. The setting is the living room of a gay bachelor. A woman comes to visit him. It appears that they have been concerned in a liaison, but the bachelor agrees that they will be married. She goes into another room when bachelor’s inebriated friend intrudes. In conversation with the souse it is revealed that bachelor is about to leave town to marry a country maid in his home town. Woman rushes out to upbraid him, while drunken friend interposes irrelevant remarks meant to be funny. If the sketch was bad, the acting was worse, and it was a 100 per cent flivver all around.


The present company consists of three, the dancing couple and the man who performs in the orchestra trench on the concertinas, who also conducts the musicians in between times. The dancers do a Spanish number for an opening, the concertinas performing thereafter. Miss Soltl taking up the vocal refrain at the conclusion of the concertina solo. The third man showed a step- ping solo Interestingly, a ballroom dance finish sending them off to a good getaway. Excellent pop house frame-up.


Kerr and Ensign, formerly a straight violin team, have developed a new Idea for a musical offering that embraces a clever routine of chatter topped off with musical work by the male member at the finish. The young woman is seated before a special drop representing the front of a bungalow when the man enters with an assortment of violins trying to sell her one. The talk which is of a comedy nature progresses rapidly with the man going off stage to meet the girl’s father returning with the violins broken and his hat crushed. The flirtation business is then started, the chap using the fiddle in his love making with a well executed number.

Harris and Lyman

A regulation team for the popular priced circuits, man and woman, doing singing, dancing and “jazz” comedy.