Midglet and Carlise

In a sketch called “After School”. It is their second appearance this season, and their act is just as great a hit as ever. They are both clever and conscientious workers. Miss Carlisle is petite, a pretty dancer and very entertaining. Full stage, Time 26 minutes.

Elinore Sisters

In a sketch “Mrs. Delaney”. This is their second appearance this season. These young ladies are great favorites here, and this act always goes with a rush. It is a great hit for Miss Kate Elinore. Miss May sings and dances very prettily. Support very good. One of the hits of the bill. Full stage. Close in one. Time 27 minutes.

Dolan and Lenharr

In a sketch the “Sporting Duchess”. These two people are favorites here, and the act is a laugh producer and goes extremely well, this sketch has not been played here in some years. Could not get scenery on time for their new act, the above was substituted. Full stage. Time 21 minutes.

The Lamonts

Society Acrobats. Man and Woman, a very good opening act, dress well and make good appearance on stage, went well with audience. Stage in two. Time 9 minutes. On account of sickness this team worked only two days. Their place was taken by the Althea Twins who do singing and acrobatic dancing, a very fair act. Stage in two. Time 10 minutes.

Three Mortons

Sam, Clara and Paul. Singers, Dancers and Comedians. They are too well known to require any extended comment. It is one of the best acts in Vaudeville to day. The hit of the bill. Open in one, go to full stage, close in one. Time 27 minutes.

Stephen Grattan and Co.

“Locked out at 3 A.M.” A delightful little comedy sketch, and capitally acted, climax very funny, was much appreciated by the audience. Carry their own scenery. All in two. Time 18 minutes.

Fanny Rice

Star comedienne. Second appearance at our house. Opens with a new Irish poem set to music, which is an improvement over the old recitation opening. Balance of act same as last time. It goes well with body of house. Full stage. Time 19 minutes.

Hallen and Fuller

In a one act comedy, “Election Bets” by G.M. Cohan. This is a bright and sparkling sketch, and the artists do themselves much credit. It is one of their best. Act went strong. Carry an extra man for the sketch. Full stage. Time 21 minutes.

Harriet Avery Strakosch

Prima Donna Soprano. She is in excellent voice, has improved since she was here in November. Makes a fine stage appearance; selections acceptable and makes good. All in one. Time 10 minutes.  

Kiralfy Ballet

20 very pretty young ladies with Miss Stella Kiralfy and Mademoiselle Morena as premiers. It makes a big looking act. Miss Georgia Dongain sings one song, she has a very sweet voice. Chorus and dancing by the ballet. Full stage. Time 18 minutes.