Moore and Hight

“Change your act or back to the woods.” We consider this one of the best laughing acts that has been with us this season. It went great from start to finish, and is the hit of the bill. Full stage, close in one. Time 24 minutes.

Lowe and Hughes

Singers and Instrumentalists. This act must not be confounded with the Lowe Huges Trio. Lowe is the same as ever, but the woman he has is simply worthless, we cut out her singing entirely. Lowe’s Xylophone playing is great. Full stage, close in one. Time 14 minutes.

Valerie Bergere and Co.

Sketch, “Jimmies Experiment”. This new sketch is on the order of “Billie’s First Love”, it is a fine playlet, capitally acted and received with great enthusiasm by our audience. Miss Bergere is the best actress in Vaudeville, and has most excellent support. Her stage appearance is most striking, and she makes a decided hit always. Full stage. Time 24 minutes.

Crimmins and Gork

In a Scene from the Musical Comedy. This act is only passable, better suited to Burlesque houses than ours, at the same time it goes well with the audience, but too rough for our house. Full stage. Time 23 minutes.  

Two Tobins

A high class musical act, and in our judgment one of the best. They dress handsomely and make a splendid appearance. Our audience very much pleased, and showed their appreciation. Full stage, close in one. Time 18 minutes.

Three Livingstons

Lady and Gentleman Acrobats. The most refined and best act of the kind on the stage to day. They are extremely quick and graceful in all their movements, and made a great hit. See our report of October 27th, 1902. Full stage. Time 8 minutes.

Grapewin and Chance

In a sketch “Above the Limit”. This act has not been played here in some time. It went well from start to finish. They are two very clever people; made a hit and received a very generous applause. They are too well known to need any detailed comment. Full stage. Time 29 minutes.

Bellman and Moore

Australia’s Famous Duo. In a sketch “Hester’s Promise”. Second appearance this season. It is an excellent act, bright dialogue and superbly handled, good singers. Miss Moore makes a fine appearance, their dancing gets great applause. It is a first class comedy sketch. Full stage. Time 19 minutes.

Robert Hilliard and Co.

Sketch “The Littlest Girl”. We have an extended report of this act when it was played Nov, 3rd, at this house. We can fully endorse that report for this week, the act goes just as great as ever, the only change made is, Mr. Edwin Holland take the place of Mr. Brandon Hurst, as “Carruthers”. Child has no speaking part. Full stage. Time 25 minutes.

Eva Mudge

“The Military Maid” in quick Character changes. Miss Mudge is a most graceful, pretty and pleasing young lady, and her changes are made with remarkable rapidity. She has a good voice and good songs, and it may be considered one of the best of this kind of acts on the stage. Has a good wardrobe and fine. Carries her own stage setting which is very pretty. Our audience very much pleased. Full stage. Close in one. Time 15 minutes.