Eduardo and Elisa Casino

11 Mins.; Full Stage. Two young Spanish dancers, probably the most authentic of any of the so-called Spanish performers. These two are brother and sister, the former a dancer unexcelled by any steppers who do this type of dancing. His partner is rather heavy but is improving, so that now she gets her share of the applause. The boy does some twirling of the feet that is bound to go over. The couple open with “Malaguena and Bollero,” a very much Spanish affair in which. The click of the castanets figures largely. The girl follows with “El Garotin,” another of this style in which she does considerable bending and squirming. They use “La Cucipanda” next, closing with a whirlwind trot. This last is the only American movement in the act and they handle it capably. These young people should be working steadily, as the boys is a natural dancer and his sister has possibilities.

Val Trainor and Helena

“Kloroform N.G.” (Special Drop). Val Trainor has a new vehicle that is bound to make the, laugh. A special drop on a railroad station in a tank town is used. In itself this is good for a laugh or two. Mr. Trainor is a drummer with dancing shoes as his line. He jumps off the train and bumps into a comedy miss who tells him she is an artist’s model. After some talk they tell their names, learning they were childhood friends. He speaks of his shoes, and says that he will demonstrate them. This he does with a little dance. Finally they decide to get married and end with singing “Home to Indians.” Lots of business that is certain laughs. Trainor does some magical stuff with the changing color of his gives, which will also gain them interest. His partner has a string of slang that can bump to best of them. As a laughing of comedy two-act Trainor and Helene are there. They can fit into any bill.

Musical Chef

11 Mins.; Three (Special Set). Musical Chef is a man who plays a number of instruments without any particular class to any. His main idea is to have each instrument encased in some article of the kitchen. He takes a pot from a stove and it is a banjo inside. He then goes from one thing to another, ending up with a bassoon disguised as a hatrack. Others used are a saxophone, one-string broom, and a clarinet. “Chef” has an act which is going too slow at present. It should prove big time material with more snap. Musical turns along similar lines are not uncommon, though the most familiar have been of the farm yard.

Geo. Felix & the Barry Sisters

“The Boy Next Door.” A merry hodge-podge of stuff that woke the audience up after the tiresome act ahead of it. Took Felix a few minutes to get the crowd but he had easy going after that. The girls look nice and introduce several pleasing songs. This act ought to be a sure-fire comedy hit on any bill. Fcy in 3. Close in 1, 4 min.

Sherman & Rose

“The Bridegroom and the Best Man.” Two men, one of them tom-boy with quite a following here. That fact alone keeps the act in the bill for the rest of the week. Act looks to me like a couple of beginners. If they really expect to succeed they should spend a couple of years in the picture shows, occasionally visiting regular vaudeville houses to pick up some more material. They have not even been good choosers. One of the men has a fair singing voice and this really saves the act as their talk is terrible. Street in 1. Time 15 min.

Palfrey & Barton

Comedy Acrobatic Cyclists. One of the best comedy bicycle acts I have ever played and it seems a shame to have to open the show with them. The straight man does some difficult stuff while his partner is way ahead of any others I have seen working with a bicycle act in the way of comedy. They carry a lot of paraphernalia, some of which they were unable to use here. This act really ought to be down in the middle of the bill or closing the show. As a result of their position they start the show off in gingery fashion and won more solid applause from our “show-me” Monday crowd than any opening act we have ever had in the house. Wood in 4. Time 15 min.

“And a Child Shall Lead Them.”

This is the sketch written by Homer Miles on a rush order for the three children—Lambert Dickinson and Viola and Leonie Flugrath, who appeared here last summer with our stock company. The children went on this afternoon after five rehearsals and scored one of the unquestioned hits of the bill—not because they were here last summer but because they had a good vehicle and played it well. Although the sketch was intended merely as a Christmas week extra feature I consider the act good enough to be played anywhere where children can play. The story of the sketch is good, full of bright comedy lines and there is a little touch of heart interest. The fact that it is played almost entirely by children should make it a novelty on any bill. The youngsters are assisted by Miss Virginia Russell, who plays the mother of one the children. Kitchen in 3. Time 16 min.

Jules Harron

“The Little German.” Just a little different from the rank and file of German comedians. Has a fairly good line of talk and went well today. O.K. for this spot in the larger “small-time.” Street in 1. Time 13 min.

Kramer & Ross

Dancing on the largest xylophone in the world. The boys are nice looking, execrable singers, but two exceptionally fine hard shoe dancers. Cannot just determine why the xylophone is featured as the work on the mat is good enough to make the act acceptable with the half minutes on the xylophone eliminated. With the excess discarded for fire wood act would make an acceptable offering in 1. Fcy in 2.

Byrne Brothers

“A Carriage Ride and its Mishaps.” Made an ideal closing act for one of the best shows of the season. Act too familiar to need description. Sufficient to say that it pleased immensely and held the audience up to the finish. Own set in 4. Time 11 min.