Elsie Murphy and Eddie Klein

Elsie Murphy and Eddie Klein were the hit of the show in a classy act. The male member scored on the saxophone wheel the woman knocked out a hit with new comedy songs. She has a fine voice and pretty gowns.

Eight Lunatic Chinks

Eight Lunatic Chinks, formerly the Eight Lunatic Bakers, but new wigs, new act, but with the same old routine, including the old boxing bit. A good flash for the small time.  

Coakley and Dunlevy

Coakley and Dunlevy, a two-man blackface team with a special set showing trenches, came next and got laughs all through the act, but could not get much in the way of applause. They put across their stuff with a wallop, and one of the men sings two ballads that slow up the running. The material and act is out of date, and the audience didn’t care to be reminded of the war.  

Fred Weber

Fred Weber and company followed. They open, the dummy sitting on a bench talking, with nobody in view on the stage, the man later coming out of cut-out in a special drop, then going through a routine of comedy cross-fire talk, and finished with a yodel and walks off to noisy hand, falling to come back for a bow.  

Chad and Montie Huber

Chad and Montie Huber, with a purple plush drop in full stage, danced and sang their way into an encore and four big bows, the act mostly consisting of them imitating inimitable stars like George M. Cohan, Rock and White, and several others, but as the audience have not seen the stars for several years (if ever) there was no doubt in their mind as to the imitations. The woman makes five changes in costume.  

Lea Carle and Dolly Inez

Another big hit was scored by Lea Carle and Dolly Inez, They get laughs from the start with a nifty talk arrangement finishing with steel guitar playing by the woman and the man’s nifty acrobatic.  

Manning and Lee

Manning and Lee, Manning a clever comedian and Miss Lee a sweet patootie have a lot of original, wise cracks and though their voices are a bit weak, they put their songs over in high style and were recalled several times.  

Paul Petching

Paul Petching entertained the audience with his novelty musical offering, the music gotten out of a pear tree by squeezing the fruit, by blowing through a rake, turning sun flowers and several other concealments, and finished with a never failing cornet solo. That put him off to a healthy hand.  

Williams and Howard

Williams and Howard, comedy and straight, with some of the oldest gags in existence and a few not so familiar, had them laughing hard, finishing a hit with parody singing.

Lilletta and Her Serenaders

Lilletta and Her Serenaders, one of the best Hawaiian acts seen here in a long time. Six men and one girl, four of the men having unusually good voices, and sing several numbers in harmony, also playing steel guitars and ukuleles, one man a violin, Lilletta appears only in the opening song and dances the “hula” for the finishing, taking them off successfully.