Zazell and Vernon

Do a very clever performance on the horizontal bars with some lively comedy mixed in. Have a good finish with their burlesque boxing match. 11 minutes, full stage, 3 minutes in one.  

Edith Helena

At the two performances yesterday, this woman captured the audience with her remarkable singing and imitation of a violin. Made the hit of the bill. 10 minutes in one.  

The White Tscherkes Trio

Russian vocalists. Man and two women. A very neat and well dressed singing act which made good. Carry their own set. 10 minutes full stage, 3 minutes, in one.  

Lew Sully

is working in white face. Has a little talk and a number of parodies which produced a number of laughs. He is being paid all he is worth. 17 minutes in one.

Katheryn Osterman

Assisted by Edwin Boring in, “The Editor”. Although this sketch has been seen here before, it was produced in her usual acceptable manner and was very well received. 20 min., full stage.

Miyo San

A Japanese musical comedy. Three women and one man. While the music is not particularly attractive, nor the singing more than ordinary, the act is handsomely staged and seems to please. 25 minutes full stage.

Arthur Buckner

The Cycle Marvel He is without doubt one of the best, his riding is of the sensational kind and holds the people until the finish. Full stage. 17 min.

Elsie Janis

This clever little mimic, is one of the hits of the show, her imitations, of Vesta Tilley, Anna Held, Eddie Foy, and Dan Daley are very clever. All in one. 21 min.