Colby and Way

12 minutes. Full stage-can close in 1. Man and woman, the man doing ordinary ventriloquist act with two figures and introduces in an electric cabinet a third figure which he calls a dancing doll. Both are clever and entertaining. $175. May be a little too much for them, still they are something in the field of novelty and carry a third man to help operate figures.

Four Cuttys

18 minutes. Full stage, closing in one. Two nice looking young men and two pretty girls. They play with snap and precision on a variety of instruments. Consider it the best straight musical act we have, outside of Klein, Ott Brothers and Nickerson.

Jess Dandy

14 minutes. All in one. A good lot of Hebrew parodies. While he has always failed to please here heretofore, this time he has made good. The act has no doubt a lot of good material.

Murphy and Nichols

23 minutes. Full stage. Still playing the Bifurcated Girl, which has outlived its usefulness. If these people want to continue to work it will be necessary for them to get a new act.

Macart’s Dogs and Monkeys

16 minutes. Full stage. While the animals are not doing any wonderful tricks, still they work with such vim and good nature that the act more than pleases and is talked about.  

Four Otts

21 minutes. Full stage, closing in one. Going very badly with our audience. These people have outlived their usefulness with us.

Hayes and Healy

14 minutes, full stage. This act is just about the same as it has always been for a number of years. Practically no improvement, and possibly no worse. Vaudeville audiences of the better class find very little enjoyment in the alleged comedy and to some, I believe, the little fellow is repulsive. They are to be commended for dressing the act neatly and introduce some fair kicking and comic dancing. By no means worth their salary to us.

Jennie Yeamans

14 minutes, all in one. A mixture of fair talk and imitations. With her personality, she would make very good, but she was so drunk Monday that she could not do herself or the house justice. However a heart-to-heart talk seemed to have the desired effect, for there is considerable improvement. Not in the jag but in the act.

Howard’s Ponies Dogs and Monkeys

19 minutes, full stage. A good, well-trained lot of animals. Don’t have many tricks, but what they do is done well. On the whole it is a fairly good act, but is spoiled by the lack of enthusiasm and indifference of Howard.

Beaux and Belles Octette

14 minutes. Full stage. Four men are very good-looking young fellows, and sing and dance nicely. The women are attractive, dance gracefully and sing as well as could be expected. Entire act is now as to songs and business. Really a splendid offering for the money.