Mrs. Langtry and Co.

This sketch entitled “Helping the Cause” was eighteen minutes long. Mrs. Langtry plays a titled suffragette who is sent to jail. She objects to her dismal cell and sends for the doctor, who suggests she be moved to the hospital. She refuses, and then sends for the governor. He is convinced that she needs more homely comforts and brings in flowers and finery. News then comes that her sentence has been commuted and she is free to go. She wants to be a martyr for the cause, however, and invites them to bruise and forcibly feed her. When they refuse, she attempts to destroy the new contents of her cell.

Proset Trio

Three men compose this act, consisting of acrobatics and pantomimic comedy.


A donkey made up for a bull furnished the material for two men in Spanish costume, who introduce a burlesque bullfight.