Queen of the Moulin Rouge

“Ever since early last summer there has been a lot of talk bout the Apache dance and the rest of the incidentals which have their setting in the Paris slums. Thomas W. Ryley, however, was the first American who had the commercial acumen —and consummate nerve—to put the bawdy spectacle before an audience.”

Larry McCale

The Irish comedian assumes a comedy female part in a girl’s seminary and is invited by one of the young women to sleep with her. Gertie DeMilt is temporarily out of the cats but is replaced by a blonde girl in a green costume with soulful eyes.

Joe Watson

In the afterpiece he appears as a boy.

Harry Bryant

There is a villainous quintet with William Bush as “Raffles the Kidnapper.” Byrant is “Scotty” who joins the band in the guise of a tramp to save the girl they’ve kidnapped. Gladys Sparkle is the girl, played by Edith Bryant.The girls are kept on the jump and have four changes.

Louis Robie

Has put in Jack O’Brien as the special attraction. William Patton is the only real actor, who plays an English swell with absolute repression. Patton must be an accident in burlesque as the legitimate seems to be his home. He is the only good thing about the show, there are no other comedians. As a show it is scarcely to be commended. The chorus is not young or shapely. Cover the girls in darkness most of the time. Costumes are in wretched taste and poorly made. Sam Green tries to be funny in his underclothes but they are dirty and it is found offensive. O’Brien come on and fights three rounds in ten pound gloves.

The Roses (Les Laroses)

Some good tricks. They lack in appearance. The man is too heavy to look well. The woman dresses badly, wearing out old costumes.