Tempest and Ten

In “A College Town.” Cast includes Miss Tempest, two principals an eight chorus men. The plot is a negligible quantity, but the songs are very good, the dancing is artistic and well done, the special scenery, showing a view of the Yale campus, is handsome, and all in all, we would call it a good act. F.S.

Louise Dresser

Singing comedienne. Her burlesque on illustrated songs was highly amusing, and she scored very strongly. 11 minutes in one.

Geo. B. Reno and Co.

Mr. Reno opened here Monday with his old acrobatic act and burlesque baseball finish, the company consisting of a boy and a girl, who are very good tumblers, a dwarf and a very thin giant.  The act was good and well received but we were very much disappointed as we expected the burlesque drill and wall scaling act.  We sent for Mr. Reno to come to the office and told him we were disappointed.  He said he was not doing the new act this season but if we wanted it would send to N.Y. for his extra people and put it on commencing today (Tuesday) which he did.  The act opens with a young woman who sings Vesta Tilley’s Algy song and she is assisted by Reno, a dwarf, the thin giant and the red haired fat man dressed in evening dress who burlesque the song while she sings.  This is followed by a march song and the quartette of men dressed as Zouaves appear in a burlesque drill and wall scaling finish that is very, very clever.  The act is twice as good as one as the old act and kept the audience laughing continually.  We are paying Mr. Reno a little more money for the new act and it is well worth it.

Melville Ellis

Pianologist.  Clever to a superlative degree.  Another hit.  In one.

The Stigari Troups

Eight people and two supers presenting an operatic novelty, “Gypsy Life”.  Very pretty special scenery and costumes.  The act meets with favor.  Full stage, can close in one.