Laura Guerite

Assisted by George F. Moore. With good patter, splendid songs, clever dancing and attractive costuming they made a hit and before the next act could go on Miss Guerite had to respond with a curtain speech. F.S. closing in one.

Nettie Carroll Trio

Three girls in a tight wire performance that is really above the average. F.S.

Rosalind Coghlan and Co.

Miss Coghlan is the daughter of Rose and in this little play, “The Obstinate Miss Granger”, she is assisted by Mr. Pitman and Mr. Ames. All competent people, some clever work, good lines and situations and while not a star feature, it is an act that will fit nicely in any bill. F.S.

Henry Clive

Assisted by Miss Sturgis. This is his new travesty on magic and mystery and is very funny. In one.

Brown and Moulton

Man and woman. Young and of attractive appearance, who present some good songs, a little dancing, and altogether, a good act for this spot. In one.

The Rials

Man and woman in a clever acrobatic performance of a semi-eccentric nature. Good enough for a stronger position on the bill. F.S.


Important current weekly events of the world.

“The Hold-Up”

An ideal act of its kind, great train effects, and very convincing to our audience. F.S.

The Berrens

Splendid musical act and then the surprise finish pretty near made the audience rise from the seats. Curtain after curtain was the result. F.S.