Howard Martell and Co.

  16 Mini.; Two. Howard Marten works with a single dummy, eating and smoking for the better part of the act. He is assisted by an attractive woman, who exchanges a few lines of dialog, just about sufficient to give the turn a slight skit structure. Mr. Martell’s conversation with the dummy follows the conventional lines, the talk holding an average number of laughs. An effective finish is achieved by Martell walking half way up the aisle, with the dummy singing. Good small timer.

Cliff Gordon

He shows a type as real as the Irish policeman. The portrait is caricatured a bit, both in dressing and dialect, but it is none the less a good study in outline.

“That” quartet

The four have a neat and attractive dressing scheme, wearing well cut, seasonable sack suits of gray, and straw hats. Nothing could be better.