Portia and La Flure

Portia and La Flure closed the show. The woman opens the act with a back-bending stunt, going into a Roman ring novelty, where both display excellent feats, also a little iron jaw work. It is a crack opener, but too weak to close, although they held ‘em in pretty solidly here.  

Poster Pirouettes

Poster Pirouettes, six girls in a classical dancing novelty with a pretty special full stage set, danced their way into three big curtains. They dance toe, classic and several other ways, in singles, duets, trios, quartettes, and finish with all six girls dancing a snappy Russian dance in very pretty costumes, The girls make a change of wardrobe for every dance, but at times the dances become monotonous. A good flash for the small time. This act was formerly the Ruloff and Ruloawa act without the principals.

Blighty and Nolan

Blighty and Nolan open with a weak song that puts them in for some tough sledding for a good part of their act. They go into a dance that in an extra long one, the audience beginning to let their attention go astray. They dance several singles, then a double, the girl making two very pretty changes, and the man changing to comedy makeup, doing several comedy steps, and hop off with a poor finish, getting almost nothing. With proper routining, this part could easily hold deuce spot on the better small-time bills, both being good dancers, having looks and personality to help put them over.

Al Barnes and Company

Al Barnes and Company opened the bill, the company being a woman in clown garb attempting comedy. Barnes went through a routine of magic tricks, the tricks being exposed by the woman, most of the conjuring easily detected by the audience before the tip-off. He has several good tricks and got a lot of good laughs, but his finish was weak and he walked off, the audience not knowing the act was over.  

Shaun Powers and Jessie Emerald

11 Mins.; One. Neat act with a laugh in nearly every line. Powers comes on in Irish make-up, genteel and neat and keeps in the character all the way through, even in his dances. Miss Emerald, taller by almost half again as her partner, walks across stage leading bulldog. Powers, as Cassidy, is asked if he would like to see dog do tricks. He is eager. Then follows pantomime by is Emerald with an imaginary dog, good for numerous laughs. After some good brisk talk, Miss Emerald leaves stage while Powers sings and dances. He comes back with a small concertina and begins to make a speech to audience. Baby voice in the wings keeps interrupting and calling him. Miss Emerald finally emerges, and the contrast between her bulk and the baby voice is good for another big laugh. Act ends with a travesty on grand opera where the man chases the woman about the stage in an endeavour to keep up with her. The turn well very with the Academy audience; so well, it was changed from second to fourth place.

Downing and Ketter

16 Mins. These two lads, termed “The Rathskeller Duo,” will be good for three-a-day houses. Harmony prevails. Downing possessing a tenor voice of unusual quality, and Ketter has a good baritone which goes over well. Ketter is exceptionally clever on the piano. The present act consists of popular airs and an original comedy song sketch which creates a big hit. Ketter was formerly with Rahn and Ketter. Downing is a Buffalo boy, new.

Dahl and Walling

Dahl and Walling offered some songs and talk worked into a bit of a plot. Walhing, as a policeman due to promotion, befriends Dorothy Dahl, as a tough kid who later turns out to be the sister of another cop who is looking for the same promotion. She has started out to keep him from landing the new job, but repents and a romance is born. Neither the acting nor the book have anything of unusual merit in them and the act please only fairly.

Dan Clancy

Dan Clancy the naval ventriloquist with a battleship drop and a dummy representing a wireless operator, navigated in good style. Fished up a number of laugh and received a satisfying bombardment of applause at his close.