16 Mins.; One. Old school blackface comedian assisted by girl in ‘high jailer” makeup. The opening is the male toting a pair of grips with the girl following. They are to be married. Considerable dialog about the marriage license. He obtained naturalisation papers by mistake‚Ķ¬† The act is a fair small time remedy entrant. It will smooth with use, at present being badly construed in spots.


Four horses, with a man and Woman doing the equestrian work in a high school routine, that bespeaks excellent training. Three of the animals are adepts at dance steps, performing all of Me more difficult ones in perfect time with the music. One of the animals called “Little Mike” stands out as a fancy stepper. The other two do fox trot, waltz, one step. The tricks are run through with speed and minus surging by the trainers. A rearing horse also contributed a bit of jumping that served to vary the routine. Horse acts have not been abundant around the local vaudeville houses for several years.