William Burr and Daphne Hope

This act entitled “A Lady, A Lover and a Lamp” was thirteen minutes long. The act opens with Burr sitting at a white enamel table smoking a cigarette and Hope (a comedy blonde) singing behind the drapery. There is a red fringe lamp above the table. They banter, he sings a solo about wanting to marry her despite her frequent refusals, and then they sing a duet. For the finale, Burr runs out the door to commit suicide with a revolver. When Hope screams for him not to do it and that she will marry him, a gunshot is heard offstage. Burr then runs back inside, takes Hope into his arms and says “I missed.” The lamp went goes out at the end and is replaced by a spotlight.
This is a good act imported from England. Burr will learn to pick up American slang, even though the act does not necessarily need it. The act is unique and will have no trouble playing the bigger New York houses.
Variety 29:4 (27/12/1912)