Wanted – A Wife

Miss Allen assumes three characters, and there is a servant (Gus Carney) who attempts to handle the comedy. Miss Allen appeared best as a sobrette caricatured a Salvation Army lassie, and played a nurse, in which disguise se married her heart’s choice (Albert Latscha), with the odds that she did so because he had a million.
It is about a youth who will inherit $1,000,000 if he marries by ten P.M. On the same day the action takes place. “A million” doesn't seem nearly as much on the stage as it does after you think it over, and considering the author has allowed the heir only three minutes lacking the hour to become engaged, secure a minister and be married, he is evidently not anxious over large sums himself.
The piece just about passed through.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)