Vinie Bailey

Costume changes.
Singing and an accompanying violinist.
"If the World Should End Tomorrow," "Toreador" and 'Suffragrette."
There is a touch of personality to Vine Bailey that should make her a formidable contender among women "singles." Miss Bailey is a rather robust girl who shows plenty of life. Her songs with one exception are all restricted or sound as if they were. For an opening number she sings "If the World Should End Tomorrow" for a voice displayer. A "Toreador" song for a character bit does well, with the "Suffragrette" going exceptionally big Election night. (How it will do now is a question.) A German band drummer is her last. She appears in tights for it. For an encore a published ballad is used, Miss Bailey singing it in a spot which only shows her face leaving the betighted legs in the darkness. They are worthy of the light. A violinist is carried who plays between changes. On rather early Miss Bailey had the house with her at all times.
Variety, 40:10 (11/05/1915)