Vaudeville Nonsense

The act has played around somewhat before, but tere is a new member now, a tall, gaunt skeleton, who towers above a tiny dwarf while the immensely stout man, who has bee with Reno for some time, strikes the average.
A young woman sang "Algy" at the opening, and did a light dance afterwards. Of pleasing appearance and graceful, with a fair voice, se nicely balanced the grotesquesness of the men.
A ridiculous travesty on a military drill is given, culminating in wall-scaling, and finally resulting in the toppling over of the specially set well, with the "company" tangled and twisted above and beneath it.
The audience must laugh, there is no help for it.
Mr. Reno's new act is exactly what its title implies. It is "vaudeville nonsense" of the laugh compelling kind, and that it is the main attractive point to the manager. Although closing the bill at Pastor's this week, the act brings out shouts of mirth, and in "Vaudeville Nonsens" Mr. Reno has a good piece of vaudeville property.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)