Vanity Fair

Anna Arline is an active young soubrette, but has a penchant for long skirts. Even in the olio, where she wears a red costume with a faded look, the nether garment is long, giving her a squatty appearance.
The Wangdoodle Four, colored, have a great deal of leeway and altogether too much singing. Their olio act is lengthened out to a tiresome extent, the final encore being superfluous, and in the burlesque, when the audience is about ready to leave, the quartet sings, and without an encore follows with a patriotic illustrated song, so “raw” in its patriotism that it is nauseating.
Miss Arline sings in a small voice in her specialty “I'm Crazy About You” with aid of the spotlight and uses several colors to clinch the effect. Se dances a little and is good looking. There is some alleged comedy with a hat, and another stretched out bit with Mr. Conley and Jack Sheppard lying in bed on the saloon deck of the steamer is suggestive of rodents and bugs. It is unpleasant and would be disgusting to a sensitive audience. "The Five English Musketeers" with broad sword exercise give a tame finale. They do acrobatics and contortions, one or two tricks of particular merit, and the act is a hit.
With a change or two at the start and better comedy “Vanity Fair” will be a vastly improved show.
Variety 2:3 (02/16/1907)