Both Mr. And Miss Craig look and dress well. Mr. Craig is the only man in the show who gives evidence of knowing how to properly clothe himself in evening dress.
All the selections are of current popularity, well played, and the first instrument called “cowbells” is a mixture of those and a xylophone, making very pleasant music.. A “Dulcimer” in the act is an instrument resembling a piano keyboard set upon an inverted sounding board. It is a rather odd looking instrument, giving forth a sound resembling a street organ.
Al Patterson has the larger portion of the work in a character part of an old man, which he handles well, playing a “bell hop” in the burlesque “Fun at Hotel Astorbilt,” in marked contrast. Pearl Reid sigs a couple of numbers, scoring with a dance in which she has the assistance of John B. Williams. Gilbert Craig as a “tough” was acceptable, although better as the waiter in the oener. Anna Waltman is liked much more without long skirts, and Anna Hill is harmless when she is quiet. Mae Taylor was in evidence all the time, even in the olio. There is too much of Miss Taylor, and her first olio song “My Gal Sal” turned the scales against her other songs. “My Gal Sal” has spoiled many an olio and other acts this season, for few seem to realize that it requires “something” to properly deliver the song.
With what could be called an audience, which has been missing of late from the Murray Hill, the piece would live up to its billing.
The Craigs might try to extend their offering, placing in more instruments, with brasses for a finish. The sleigh bells, if not taken out, should at least be played by Mr. Craig in a more workmanlike manner.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)