The Toreadore Belle

Adams has a passable voice, but struggled in vain with the talk that had been handed to him. The finish is a song "The Toreadore Belle," a fairly catchy number involving a good dance by all four dressed in pretty Spanish costume, Miss Hoerlein displaying a well-formed Amazonian figure in tight knickerbockers.
The two, girls are neat dancers and look well in their little French maids' costumes, and throughout the act is lavishly costumed. But the offering is hampered by superfluous dialogue. Miss Hoerlein, it is explained at some length, is stage struck, and worries her family with the tale of her ambition to go on the stage. So her brother disguises himself as a manager and calls to give her an engagement. That's all that happens.
One might understand the purpose of the dialogue if it contained anything resembling comedy, but for the most part it is severely straight and far from funny.
Variety 7:3 (07/20/1907)