The Mosquito Trust

Carlin and Otto
The gist of the story is that a “mosquito farm” will be located in Jersey and 20,000,000 of the insects gathered together, governed by a “boss” mosquito who will train his fellows in their duties. A house-to-house canvass is to be made and for the sum of $500 families are to be guaranteed protection against mosquitoes. In the event of a refusal trained mosquitoes will be sent to the particular house with instructions to bite everyone in sight until the money man of the family capitulates.
the act as a whole made a great big hit with the audience.
With the exception of a few lines at the opening and a parody toward the close the German conversation act of Carlin and Otto, as given at the Gotham this week, is new.
Variety 2:2 (02/09/1907)