Edgar Smith wrote the "book," Paul West the lyrics, Gus Edwards the music and George Marion is said to have been the stager, while Joe C. Smith put on the chorus numbers. "I'm a One-Horse Fellow in a Two-Horse Town," by James J. Morton; "Under the Matzos Tree" by Bobby North; Featuring: Ignacio Martinetti; Mabel Hite; James B. Carson; John Cantwell; George McKay; John Keefe; Mabel Russell; Dorothy Jardon; Melville Stuart
Attendance has been reported as large nightly.
The piece has been prettily costumed and well "put on," but there's not much else to be said... "The Merry-Go-Round" never stopped its descent, winding up as near the bottom as it could possibly have gotten. There is sufficient in "The Merry-Go- Round" to give full value for one dollar but it requires much working over to be considered even at that price.
Variety 10:8 (05/02/1908)