The Meistersingers All Star Minstrels

56 minutes, full stage, special set. For the last two weeks of the Meistersingers’ Boston engagement they are appearing in a minstrel first part, with 12 Meistersingers in the front circle; Vaughn Comfort, formerly of Geo. Evans show in the centre, and the Bowman Brothers and Charlie Mack, of Swor & Mack, and John S. King, late of the Evans minstrels, on the ends. A chorus of 15 male voices and an orchestra of thirteen pieces upon the stage completes the company. Judging by the comments of the audiences as they passed out to-day, the new 1914 edition surpasses all the previous minstrel shows put on by the Meistersingers.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 11 May 1914-1 July 1915