The Francelias

A man, woman and boy compose the troupe of strong people, the two latter acting in the capacity of assistants only. The man is a well-built, muscular sort of chap resembling La Veen, of La Veen and Cross, in appearance, and he graciously refrains from “posing” in a cabinet. Heavy objects, including cannon balls, are juggled, and a few of the simpler tricks shown by others are given.
Francelis seems to use a heavier ball in this work. Something of novelty is the catching of a cannon ball thrown from a catapult, and again the machine is employed to throw a torpedo shell, alleged weight of which is 300 pounds to the man's shoulders. It is a showy and well worked trick, spoiled to an extent by unnecessary comedy interjected by the boy. The finish, where the woman, seated in a chair held up the man's teeth, is carried off the stage by him while “cakewalking,” brought considerable applause.
The act opened the bill and made an excellent number in value for that position.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)