“The Empire Show”

Featuring Tom McRae, Jesse D. Burns, Lillian Washburn, Tom Nolan. The first part is "A Night in a Rathskellar", followed by "The Two Pikers". In "I've Lost My Gal" one-half the chorus appearing had hunting costumes on. There was no earthly connection between the dressing and the song. In "When the Tide Comes In" the girl who led it was shy of a belt. There was an "Oriental" affair called "Pearl of the Harem." None of the women have voices, proven almost disastrously when McRae in his song "Won't Go Home Until Morning" makes each of the choristers sing a verse. Miss White sings "Billiken Man."
"Good Luck, Mary," sung by Cora White to Luella Temple received a light round of applause.
Variety 16:13 (12/04/1909)